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The “Face” of the Ictus Initiative

October 30, 2009

STEPHANIE WINIARSKI, Marketing Associate

Why have we decided to go public and ask for outside opinions on something as important as our brand? After all, isn’t a company’s brand a direct reflection of the company itself?

Of course it is!

Does your mind immediately recall a bottle of Coca Cola when you see white cursive writing on a red background? Can you immediately recognize the make of a car as soon as you see the hood ornament? Often times we view companies as faceless entities. But they in fact do have a face – their brand! Just as one would match a person with their face, we match companies with their brand. Because a brand (which includes logo, color scheme, and overall image of a company) enables a person to easily identify and make a connection to a company, we as a business feel its essential to put in a great deal of time, effort, and thought as to what should make up the “face” of our company.

Ultimately, we want to change the way you view the rebranding of a company. Many times outsiders see rebranding as one, instantaneous company-wide transformation, and this can leave people feeling confused and disconnected. Take Tropicana for instance – the logo of the orange with a red and white straw stuck in it became synonymous with the word “Tropicana.” If a mother at the grocery store was looking to buy orange juice, she doesn’t even need to read the label if she recognizes the logo to know the carton of juice she’s about to buy is indeed Tropicana. Unfortunately, PepsiCo, Inc, maker of Tropicana, underestimated the public’s attachment to and recognition of their label, and when they began to rebrand Tropicana, they removed the image of the orange all together, seemingly overnight. HUGE MISTAKE! No one recognized their product as the same Tropicana orange juice they always loved and people felt blindsided by the sudden and drastic change.

Here at the Ictus Initiative we’re changing the way the rebranding process is done. Our rebranding will be a gradual process that can be watched the entire way through, so you will not only know when the change is coming, but also what to expect. We hope that redefining the process will make our rebranding a smooth and harmonious first step into the Ictus Initiative’s future and perhaps the pave a new path in how brands are developed.

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