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Brand experiences

November 9, 2009

DEREK MCIVER, Public Relations

As we’ve discussed, a brand is a whole lot more than a logo. Brands, ultimately, encompass the experience a consumer has with a company. A mother shopping for orange juice is comfortable picking up the carton with a straw sticking out of an orange, because that carton, that brand, has consistently delivered a delicious breakfast beverage. Likewise, car buyers frequently associate Volvo with safety because of its strong record in that area. Volvo may not have the most memorable logo, but their brand is strongly defined by high-quality products that consumers trust.

Volvos and orange juice are perhaps “easy” examples of the interaction and experience we have with various brands. But how does a small marketing firm on the edge of Boston create a similar experience? After all, we have the same goal in mind – to create a brand that is recognizable and trusted.

Our approach is a direct one. We’re driving the experience. To experience something you need to know what that something is — people need to know who we are and what we do. This blog is (hopefully) helping you learn about our company, and later this week, we will bring some more attention to our rebranding project with a press release. As we continue to rebrand ourselves we will solicit feedback from you, the readers, and consider your feedback as we move into each new phase.

Eventually, we hope that these projects will show how much we value collaboration. We’d like to think that we have all the right answers, but we know we don’t. We have good ideas, but sometimes someone else’s are better. And when that happens, we’re all ears. This rebranding experience, then, echoes the modus operandi we’ve always had with our clients. These men and women are true experts in their fields. They know their stuff. And by working with them, and not just for them, they are truly experiencing the Ictus Initiative.


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