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The value of strategy

November 13, 2009
Ictus Initiative rebrand

"Darling, I think you're reading it upside down."

STEWART K KELLY, Marketing Strategy

When you have a talented design team and top-notch web people, designing a nice logo and putting together a beautiful and technically sound website is easy.

But in the absence of strategy, all you will have is a nice looking logo and a beautiful website. And beautiful websites don’t do much, other than look beautiful.

For any marketing initiative, strategy is key. It gives you a roadmap to success, and sets a goal, objectives, and a series of standards to guide you through what can be a long and difficult process.

So it is vital to remember that some of the hardest work in the rebranding process happens before you put pen to paper or create artwork. It happens in the meetings, discussions, and lengthy debates that take place early in the process. This is when you start to get to the bottom of questions like:

What is the five-year goal for the organization?
What is our overall marketing strategy to help us get there?
How can a rebrand and a website upgrade help?
What would we like to achieve with these initiatives?
Who do we want to reach with our message?
How do we want the outside world to see us?
What action, if any, would we like visitors to take when they come to our site?

A rebrand is a time for reflection. It allows you to assess where you are as an organization, think exciting thoughts about where you want to be, and plot a marketing path to help you get there. Beautiful imagery and sound web infrastructure are just two vital pieces of a much bigger puzzle.

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