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Life After Sports

November 25, 2009

BRANDON GILSON, Sports Marketing Associate

Our client base has become more diverse as we’ve expanded into new fields, and we’re publicizing more than just authors, speakers, and business executives. As we rebrand, “Life After Sports” has come to play an important role in our business: we’re working with retired professional athletes on their careers after sports to help them plan for their futures. This new piece of the company gives us the ability to help these experts have their voices and messages heard, whether it’s through aggressive promotion of their sport or creating wellness facilities for current athletes.

Sports are a central component in today’s society and the best athletes are revered as celebrities. The question is, where will these athletes go and what will they do when they retire from their sport? Here at Ictus, our mission is the same: to work with our clients and help them achieve greater recognition in their fields. Naturally, then, working with former athletes to help them have their expert voices heard plays to our strengths.

In many cases, when athletes retire they want their messages to be heard worldwide. That’s where we come in. Having spent most of their working lives as professional athletes, their expertise comes from their games, and in most cases has only been applied on the field. Yet many don’t realize the extraordinary stories they hold and how they can use those stories to inspire others. One client, for instance, overcame great odds to participate in two Olympic Games. Not only can his story translate to students, professionals, and others looking for success in their own “games,” but it can also be leveraged to bring awareness to his oft-overlooked sport and show that it brings new challenges (and opportunities) that other athletes don’t even have to consider. Another client, a former NFL player, realized while playing football that being mentally prepared to play was as important (maybe even more important) than physical readiness, but found that his training didn’t cater to that important need. After his football career he studied meditation and other eastern teachings, and now seeks to share that wisdom with other working athletes.

Our job for these athletes, then, is the same as it has always been: to package their stories and bring awareness to them. The rebranding of Ictus has everything to do with our new direction. Our path is the same, but with the newest aspect of the company, Life After Sports, it’s just become a wider road.

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