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Building Your Own Pyramid

December 11, 2009

The Ictus Pyramid

STEPHANIE WINIARSKI, Marketing Associate

Last month we took a look back at what will shortly become the old slogan of the Ictus Initiative. Now it’s time we look at the other half of the soon to be old Ictus brand – the logo.

A logo is typically defined as the graphic element that constitutes a commercial brand. The graphic element of the former Ictus logo is an extremely recognizable symbol, a pyramid. The pyramid was both a logical and natural choice to choice to use as the symbol of the Ictus Initiative because our goal is to build each one of our clients their own customized pyramid.

But what exactly does building your own pyramid mean?

Take a look at the structure of a pyramid. The base is always the widest part, and as you move up, the width of the structure continues to get smaller until you reach the apex of the pyramid. In the Ictus pyramid, the client is the base of the pyramid because they provide the foundation for the entire project. They client is the expert in their field; they are the product. Without them, there is nothing to build off of.

After the foundation of the pyramid, that’s where we come in. The first person to lend a hand in the shaping of every pyramid is Paige, who comes in to develop and define the content that will build the pyramid. After Paige, each member of the Ictus team then adds his or her own layer to the pyramid. Naomi adds her part to the pyramid when a client needs a web page with an eye catching and innovative layout. If a client needs to construct a marketing campaign, Stewart enters the process. Add in a few more personalized layers by George, Derek, and Matt, and each client now has a sturdy, strong, and successful pyramid. We use our team and resources to take you from the bottom of the pyramid to the top, so that you are at the peak of your career.

So if we still believe in this philosophy of building your own pyramid, then why are we getting rid of the current pyramid logo?

The way the pyramid is divided into segments makes it seem like there are fixed steps each client must take to reach the top, and that’s not always true. Instead, each client has his or her own steps and path that are as unique as they are. The pyramid will still be featured in our new logo, but instead of a concrete symbol, you’ll see an abstract representation of the pyramid. This abstract pyramid represents the many different ways in which the Ictus Initiative can build the pyramid that is perfect for you.

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